You must have a current sports physical turned in to our athletic director, Coach Schmick prior to trying out for any athletic team. 

23-24 Sports Physical (English)

Spanish Sports Physical 23-24

  1. EL2 –Sports Screening Physical Examination form (4 pages): The entire packet must be completed. OCPS will no longer accept Dept. of State health forms. The doctor’s signature must be on the EL2 form. The doctor/medical professional signing the physical form must be from the state of Florida. No out of state physicals will be accepted.
  2. Emergency Treatment Authorization Card – EMT Card (1 page): Please fill out and sign both cards. This form includes your contact numbers and appropriate insurance information.
  3. Grade Point Average: In addition to the physical form and EMT cards each student that tryouts must have a cumulative 2.0 G.P.A.

The following sports are offered at all OCPS middle schools.

SOCCER –------------1st 9 weeks

VOLLEYBALL –---- 2nd 9 weeks

BASKETBALL –-----3rd 9 weeks

TRACK & FIELD --- 4th 9 weeks

If you have any questions please feel free to contact  Coach Schmick .