Supply Lists

School Supply List

South Creek
Middle School
School Supply List

For School Issued Device

- Backpack with laptop sleeve (if possible) or carrying case for student laptop
- Headphones or earbuds
- Mouse (wireless usb recommended)
- Stylus
- Screen cleaning materials (cloth/wipes)

For Student Individual Use

A pencil pouch to include the following:
- Pencils & erasers
- Handheld pencil sharpener with cap
- Pens (blue or black)
- A Highlighter
- 1 Pack of Markers or Colored Pencils
- A Glue Stick
- A Pair of Scissors
- An Expo Marker

- A Pack of Post It Notes
- 1 Pocket Folder
- 1 Pack of Loose Leaf Paper

Additional Supplies
- Hand Sanitizer
- Individual Tissue Packets
- Water Bottle
- Cleaning/Sanitizing Wipes
- 5 Face Masks

*Additional materials per subject area may be required (see class syllabus)