Electronic Devices

OCPS Financial Liability Policy
In the event a student incurs a device fine a digital device fine form will be sent home with the student indicating the reason for and amount of the fine.
Questions or concerns regarding fines can be addressed by Sara DeRoo, Media Specialist, or Ezequiel Rivera, Technology Support Representative.

OCPS is pleased to provide devices for all students. However, the district acknowledges the parents’ right to refuse the use of a district provided take home device in grades 3-12. As a result, OCPS Board Policy on Digital Learning allows for the Bring Your Own Device option in schools. For Bring Your Own Device, a "device" is a privately-owned laptop, notebook, or tablet computing device that meets district specifications. To opt for Bring Your Own Device, a parent must complete the device refusal form in Skyward and furnish their student with a device that meets the minimum specifications. Directions for accessing the device refusal form and the minimum device specifications can be found here. We ask that students who opt for Bring Your Own Device come to school to have their device checked for connectivity with the OCPS Network by the school’s Technology Support Representative. 

The School Board of Orange County, Florida is committed to providing a safe, positive, productive and nurturing educational environment. The use of the internet or an electronic device to convey any communication, image or illustration that causes or contributes to the intimidation, harassment, abuse, or disparagement of students and staff is strictly prohibited. This includes any such communication, image or illustration that is prepared or originates off school grounds and adversely impacts the educational environment at school for students or staff.

The following electronic communication conveyed by internet or an electronic device is prohibited: cyber-stalking, bullying/cyber-bullying, coercion, extortion, making threats of violence or harm or other computer related crimes that impact the educational environment.

Violation of the Abuse of Electronic and Internet/Communication Devices policy may result in discipline in accordance with the Code of Student Conduct. OCPS administrators have sole discretion to determine whether any electronic communication, image or illustration violates this policy and the Code of Student Conduct.

Any student who learns of any offensive internet content or electronic communication, image, or illustration that relates to any OCPS school, student or staff member should immediately report the matter to school staff. Each report will be evaluated to determine the appropriate action.